Monday, March 9, 2009

Island Palm Sketch

"Island Palm study" oil on canvas panel 6x8in
This is a little plein air of a palm tree on South Padre Island I painted on Friday morning. I ended up painting a larger version for my demo. I brought studies and photos of other stuff but I really like how this turned out so I decided to enlarge it. I have also decided to sell some of my small plein air works on ETSY. For those unfamiler ETSY is like EBAY but only offers handmade or vintage goods. If you are interested in purchasing just click on the link or the gallery on the side of my blog. PS I am having a problem getting the image on ETSY so it should be up as soon as I get it fixed.

1 comment:

Laurel Daniel said...

I am so glad to see your study of the demo piece! This is really a wonderful painting.