Sunday, November 16, 2008

Start of the fall color oil 9x12 

Texas Color Oil on Canvas board 8x10
Well this past Saturday I was out near Fredericksburg Texas on a wonderful privet ranch for the Oil Painters of America's great paint out. I had a ton of fun painting, enjoying the wonder full scenery and hanging out with some other wonderful artists. This ranch was about 20 miles northeast of Fredericksburg and when people say they live off the grid this must be what they mean. The road to it did not have much on it and the driveway its self seemed to be a mile long.  I did three paintings but I am only going to show two. The third was a quick 6x8 done at the end of the day and while it might be an idea for something larger I don't feel like posting it on the net. I am also posting a few photos of the beautiful landscape as well. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to my new blog

Hello everyone welcome to my new blog. This past May I moved to Austin Texas and I knew that I eventually I would start a blog. Blogging seems to be the new wave right now and a great way to share my artwork with the world. To those of you that don't know me I am a 26 year old painter just trying to make my way though life and hopefully paint some good pictures along the way. I call myself a proffesional artist even though I have another part time job. Hopefully someday I can paint full time but for now I still have a lot to learn and a ways to go.  For those of you who know my work already this blog hopefully will be a way to keep up with my latest painting and art related activities.  The first painting I have posted is the reason why I moved to Austin. This is town lake in the evening looking west. What could be better.