Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok so I have been tagged by my friend Laurel Daniel and I will try and do my best to carry this on. I guess part of this which has been going around the blog world is too list 7 unusual things about yourself and tag someone else in the blog world. So here I go.
1. I went to a privet boarding school for High School although I did not live there I lived in town about 20 miles away so I was what we called a "Day Student"
2. I have a weird habit of putting ice cream in the microwave before eating it because I don't like it when its frozen. I like it a little soupy.
3. Even though its winter in Austin I still use the hot tub at my apartment complex and people think I am strange. In Michigan we used to have snow ball fights in the hot tub.
4.  I have an addiction to art magizines.
5. I am a big wimp when it comes to spicy food. Which is not always good when you live in the land of Tex Mex food which I love by the way.
6. I am the youngest but tallest member of my family.
7. I use the word pop instead of soda which for this region is a big deal. If you order a soda up in da north people will look at you funny.
Ok so that is my best at thinking of 7 unusual things about me at least the ones I will go public with.  I am still new to the blog world so I am just going to mention some of my favorite blogs and artists. Please check them out.
Marc Hanson great landscapes of the midwest. 
Stacey Peterson. Her blog is great if you are a young painter wanting to go professional
Joan Breckwoldt A great portrait painter who's work I just discovered.
Eric Merrell. A great young impressionist
Jeremy Lipking. This guy has a wonderful blog.


Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Michael,
I was just checking your blog to see what was new with you and . . . . there was my name mentioned! And on top of that, you complimented my portrait work! Wow, made my day, thank you. This painting you have posted is beautiful, I especially like your edges.

Laurel Daniel said...

Runny ice cream and pop, eh? I can so relate to both - it must be a northern thing. It was fun reading all of these... and as usual - great painting!

michael clark fine art said...

Thanks Joan no problem I love to pass along other great artist that I find.
Hey Laurel, Yeah there are a lot of northern things that are still in me but the Texan stuff is creeping in. I am still getting used too the fact that fall is in November and December here. Back home we would be a month and half into winter already.